spiritual guide, channeler and wellness coach
My mission is to give knowledge to the world, and to guide people toward their authenticity

I believe that when we all start exploring ourselves and the world, we will open the hidden treasures of our united eternity, our gifts, our happiness, love, and mission

With love, Anastasia aka Sati

Spiritual leadership

I give guidance to managers, group therapists, and coaches, about building a growth environment, which helps each group member follow their unique path.

Channeling & healing

I help people as an energy therapist. I am practicing spiritual healing and channeling to give people guidance which they need right now, and purity on all levels of their being.

Wellness coaching

I use both spiritual and psychological methods to help people explore their uniqueness, as well as their archetypes, and it helps them live happier and become more resilient.

Upcoming events

Join healing talks and explore the topics from spiritual and psychological sides

APR 11

Types of relationships and how to build them

Get essential knowledge about friendship, romance, or work/colleague collaborative relationships. You’ll get a spiritual and psychological view of the relationship topic, to have the full picture.

APR 23

Personal boundaries: save your space

If you feel uncomfortable in every communication, and you constantly feel pressure, if you always get pushbacks from the new people you met, and you cannot build relationships, this healing talk for you.


Divine relationships between people

Some of the relationships are not usual, they may last for many centuries between two Souls. All of them are not easy and about spiritual lessons. If you face obsession, intense connection with person, watch this.

Previous events

Join healing talks and explore the topics from spiritual and psychological sides


Spiritual reasons of loneliness

Explore the real reasons for loneliness, both from spiritual and psychological sides, and get new strategies that you can use for reducing loneliness day-to-day

MAR 17

Importance of spirituality for children

Talk with @mommy_modeon, who is a highly recognized blogger about the maternity lifestyle. Great conversation about how important spiritual education is.

MAR 25

How to cope with fears: guidance

Instagram live about fears, overthinking and anxiety topic. You’ll learn the difference between fears and anxiety. You’ll get a fast way to cope with fears and any anxiety type you may experience.

My projects

Find therapy groups in your city and online. Join Zoom healing talks, participate on group online/offline events, and meet your soulmates, across the world or in your city.

Every 3rd woman experienced violence in her childhood and told this to nobody. We collect stories from women and give them knowledge on how to cope with this trauma.